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Serious runners only please

We are assembling a small group (16 maximum), of active or former military personnel or dedicated athletes to comprise a core team of runners committed to a 3-day 127 mile tribute run from Fort Liberty to Camp Lejeune. The run has a specific timetable for each marker throughout each day. Runners need to be flexible, willing to run on any given day and when needed. RAIN OR SHINE.

Runners will run approx. 1 mile for every North Carolina fallen military hero who died while serving during the current war on terror, stopping to salute and give tribute by name at every Hero Marker, briefly greeting family, friends and comrades who may be waiting nearby. Stopping no longer than 90 seconds each.

Each runner must be physically capable of a consistent 8-9 minute mile for 2 mile legs. Core teams will regularly rotate over the 3-day period. We are not looking for quantity of runners but a solid team dedicated to the remembrance of those who gave their lives and their families. This route will be grueling at times because the trail winds through many hilly areas as we in North Carolina. A specific pace must be maintained in order to timely greet waiting families.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our core team or be a drop-in runner contact us at,

Meet This Year's North Carolina's

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Earnest Knight

I heard of the run in an email from my home station organization. The run is important to me as I've served in the Army for 15 years and am a 3rd generation Soldier. I also enjoy running long distances especially for a good cause wish brings me to acknowledge the sacrifices given by our fallen heroes.


Justin Prendergast

I overheard a coworker talking about the Run for the Fallen even at work and had him send me the info. I’m an active duty Marine Corps Captain and V22 pilot currently stationed at Camp Lejeune. I’ve got a passion for running that goes back years. This is important to me because of the mission to honor and remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. I lost a a good friend a couple of years ago and although he was never a fan of running, this would be a great opportunity to honor and remember him and all those lives that have been lost recently in the V22 community. It would be an honor to have the opportunity to be a part of the core team and pay tribute to all those fallen heroes.


Ling Zheng

Heard about this event through an work email chain. I believe it is important because it brings awareness to Fallen Hero's and their family members. Ling Zheng 30 yrs old. SSG in C/5th Psychological Operations Group. Married with two dogs.



Aaron Markovich

I heard about the run through my BN leadership. They recommended it to me. I think it's important to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Being active duty myself and know service members who have died in previous conflicts, I feel an obligation to remind ourselves and the public that uniformed individuals did not die in vain and that we honor them for their service and sacrifice. I have about 17yrs of active-duty service, almost entirely in SOF. I enjoy running but am not as fast as I used to be. The older I get the more physically active I am.


Wyatt Fagan

Unit informed me. I am thankful to be joining the Run for the Fallen family as we bring honor and remembrance to North Carolina's military fallen and their families.


Jacob Marshall

I am thankful to be joining the Run for the Fallen family as we bring honor and remembrance to North Carolina's military fallen and their families.


Aaron Finley

I heard about this event through an email. I'm a single father and an avid runner. I'm always looking for new and fun ways to challenge myself as a runner. I've served in the Army for the past 10 years, with 7 of those being in the Special Forces community.


Justin Lord

I heard about this from work. I am an active-duty soldier and avid runner. It is important to me to remember all of the fallen heroes that came before me.


Jose Naranjo

Heard about it at work, support the cause. I am currently serving in the military and like running. Gathering to remember the following is important to me.


Caleb Cross

I heard about the run through my chain of command at work. I'm 24 years old and was raised in Newnan, GA. My love for running began in high school when I joined my high school track team, and has continued to develop throughout my time in the military. This event is important to me because it allows me to do what I enjoy while honoring the hero's that came before me.

Kelly Sawielski

"I heard about this while running with past core participants. As a USMC combat veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and still on Active Duty as a NFO in the Navy, this is an amazing way to show tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. It is so important to ensure friends and families know that their loved one's sacrifice is never forgotten! "

Charles Ware

"I heard about this through work emails and my Battalion CSM asked me to participate. I am a US Army PSYOP Officer with 17 years of military service. The PSYOP Regiment has several fallen service members who I would like to honor by participating. I am a competitive runner and former Marine Corps Marathon winner (2011)."


Stephen Schmidt

Participated in one day of the 2018 Run Across America (Jacksonville to Washington, NC); been following since. Also 2019 NC RFTF in Rocky Mount, NC. 22 year Marine Corps veteran and NC native. Participated in several Fallen Hero ceremonies in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2011-2012–more than 70 Fallen Heroes passed through our base as we loaded them with full honors for their flight to Dover AFB.

Selena Schmidt

Spouse of a retired Marine with numerous deployments and who participated in a portion of the 2018 Americas Run For The Fallen.

This could be you

I am thankful to be joining the Run for the Fallen family as we bring honor and remembrance to North Carolina's military fallen and their families.